1. Q. What are the documents required for vehicle registration?
A)   In case you are a customer paying full cash:

1.    4 Nos. of passport size photographs (5 Nos. of Photos in case of Affidavit)
2.    Duly filled up and signed Form 20
3.    Proof of Residence (Example: Ration card or Passport or Voters ID or Current driving license or Affidavit signed by Notary public)

B)   In case you are a customer availing Hire Purchase:

1.    5 Nos. of passport size photographs (6 Nos. of photos in case of affidavit)
2.    2 Copies of Duly filled up and signed Form 20 by customer & Financier
3.    Proof of Residence (Example: Ration card or Passport or Voters ID or Current driving license or Affidavit signed by Notary public)

2. Q. What are the documents required for availing Hire Purchase?
The following documents are required for availing Hire Purchase:

1.   ID proof (Ex. Driving License or PAN card or Passport or Voterís ID)
2.   Bank statement for last 3 Months.
3.    Proof ††of Income
4.    Post dated cheques / ECS mandate
5.    Proof of Residence  (Example: Ration card or Passport or Voters ID or Current driving license or Affidavit signed by Notary public)
3. Q. What are the documents required for Exchanging my old 2 Wheeler?
The following documents are required to complete Exchange transactions:
1.    Form 29
2.    Form 30
3.    Form 35 & NOC from HP Company (In case HP endorsement is yet to be cancelled in the R C of Your old vehicle)
4.    Registration Certificate/Smart card
5.    Valid vehicle Insurance

4. Q. What do you mean by mandatory accessories?
For the purpose of registering your new 2- Wheeler at the RTO, certain accessories are to be mandatorily fitted on your bike,  as stipulated by the Motor Vehicles Act.
The following are Mandatory accessories:
1.    Rear view mirror
2.    Number plates
3.    Sari guard
4.    Crash guard

5. Q. Are accessories purchased from you covered by warranty?
A.  Accessories purchased from KVR Vehicles are provided with a warranty cover for a 6 month duration.

6. Q. While purchasing my new vehicle from your dealership, do I have the option of selecting my bike?
A. KVR Vehicles is the largest dealer for Bajaj and has the largest stock and widest range of all models and colours.  Our customers are welcome to    personally select the vehicle of their choice from this extensive range.

7. Q. Would you give delivery of my new vehicle at my door step?
A. KVR Vehicles would be happy to arrange delivery of your new vehicle at your door step on the date and time of your convenience at no extra charge.

8. Q. Can KVR vehicles assist me in renewal of insurance for my vehicle?
A. †KVR Vehicles would be happy to assist customers with renewal of insurance for their vehicles.  Renewal of insurance can be done without production of vehicle for physical verification if the earlier insurance is yet to expire.  The vehicle has to be produced for physical verification by the insurance company in case the insurance has already expired.

9. Q. Can KVR VEHICLES assist me in HP cancellation at the end of the tenure after completion of payment of all EMIs?
A. KVR VEHICLES would be happy to assist customers with cancellation of HP endorsement in the RC, after completion of payment of all dues to HP Company.  Customers would have to pay the requisite charges to the RTO for cancellation.  There will be no service charges from our side.
10. Q. Does KVR VEHICLES offer test trials of new vehicles to customers?
A. KVR vehicles offers both free test rides to all customers, as well as free test trials of new vehicles.  Test trials are basically test rides for an extended period 

11. Q. I intend buying a Bajaj 2 Wheeler, but I am busy right now and cannot come to the showroom.  Can KVR vehicles assist me with the purchase?
A. KVR vehicles would be happy to assist busy customers by offering test ride, completing all booking, registration, hire purchase formalities and delivering the vehicle at the door step of the customer.

12. Q. Can I use my credit card for purchasing a vehicle?
A.† KVR vehicles accept VISA & Master cards towards payment for Bajaj 2 Wheelers either as down payment for hire purchase or as full payment towards the vehicle.  Service charge of 1.5 % would be levied.

13. Q. Can I purchase a Bajaj 2 Wheeler by exchanging my old 2 Wheeler?
A. KVR vehicles have an exchange program throughout the year and accept any brand, make, condition of 2 Wheeler in exchange for a new Bajaj 2 Wheeler.

1. Q.I did not buy my bike at KVR Vehicles, but can KVR Vehicles still service the bike for me?
KVR Vehicles will definitely service the bike even if it has not been purchased from us. Please bring the manual book of your bike, if the bike is within warranty period.

2. Q. till when is my bike eligible for warranty replacements?
Your BAJAJ bike is eligible for warranty replacements even after your free services are completed. (Please refer you manual book). Your should have completed all your service on time as per schedule at any authorized service centre or dealership.

3. Q. What is the procedure for claiming insurance if my vehicle has met with an accident?
1. The vehicle should have a valid comprehensive insurance.
2. The driver should have permanent 2- wheeler driving license.
3. A letter/FIR from the traffic Police is required if the estimate of damages is above Rs.10000/-
4. Inform the concerned insurance company/Branch within a couple of days after the accident and obtain a claim form from the insurance company. Carry with you the original RC book, Insurance, and driving license along with photo copies for verification by the insurance company.
5. The vehicle may be brought to our service centre for inspection by the insurance surveyor and then for carrying out repairs.
6. An advance of approx. 1/3rd of the estimated cost of repairs is to be remitted to us while leaving the vehicle with us for repairs.
7. After due examination of the vehicle by our technicians, a preliminary estimate of the cost of repairs will be prepared by us. A copy of the estimate is to be handed over to the insurance company for carrying out insurance survey.
8. The vehicle will be inspected by the insurance surveyor and an approval given. A supplementary estimate may have to be prepared after dismantling the vehicle if required.
9. The repairs will be completed within a week to 10 days depending on the extent of damages and availability of parts.
10. Our final bill would have to be settled in full by you and claimed from the insurance company.
11. The Insurance Company will never settle the claim amount in full. Depreciation will be applicable depending upon the age of the vehicle and material damaged (Metal/Plastic/Fibre/Rubber)
12. Insurance can be claimed even for minor damages of less than Rs. 1000 /- value.

4. Q. What do I do if I misplace my manual book and I want to carry out free service for my vehicle?
You could visit KVR VEHICLES and request for a duplicate manual book, or you could write to the following address:
The Service Department

5. Q. Can I use my credit card for making payment towards my service?
A. Payment towards service bill can be by cash or credit card. Cheques are also accepted, but delivery of the vehicle will be subject to realization of the cheque. No service charges will be levied for payment through credit card.

6. Q. Is it possible to arrange spare parts for old (out of production) BAJAJ bikes?
KVR Vehicles is the largest distributor for BAJAJ Genuine parts in the DISTRICT. We have stock of genuine parts of all models of BAJAJ 2 Wheelers. For out of production vehicles, we could assist customers by trying to arrange for the required spare part either from BAJAJ or any other dealer or spare parts retailer across the country.